Residential Condominium - Pre-Approval in San Diego, CA

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  • Status

  • Loan Product

    30 Year Fixed
  • Housing Type

  • Rating

  • Pre Approval Amount

  • Fico

  • Appraisal Value - Date

    $550,000 - 4/5/18
  • Interest Rate - Date

    4.5% Locked til 5/5/18


30 year term Refinance with a 4.5% Intrest Rate , 710 FICO , 75% LTV

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EstimatedClose Date 4/30/18

Rate Lock Expiration Date

  • Lock Desk Expiration Date;Tuesday, May 5, 2018
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San Diego, CA

Remaining Underwriting Conditions

Role Name Company Phone Fax
Final Credit Pull

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